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When does it start?

People start arriving from 10am, 15 minutes before the service starts, at 10.15am.


If you are driving once you drive through the gates you will find parking to the right of the school building with a number of disabled spaces outside the doors should you need to use one of these spaces.

How do you get in?

At the front doors you will receive a warm welcome by a church member.  As you walk through the main doors the Church hall is just a short walk straight ahead of you where you will be made to feel welcome.

We have full wheel chair access to the church , disabled toilets and wheel chair spaces are easily provided .

What might I expect when I get into the Hall?

Grab a drink and a biscuit ( cold drinks are also available ) you may sit where you like (we have chairs not pews). There is no dress code and most people come fairly casually dressed. The average congregation is about 30 - 40 people (adults and children)..

If you own a bible you are encouraged to bring it if you do not yet have one then feel free to borrow one from us - We do not have hymn books instead all that you need will be projected onto the large screen at the front and be explained as we go along.

Just before the service starts you will encouraged to sit down by whoever is leading the service that day.

Who leads the services?

Services are led by a variety of people: Our Minister, church members, local preachers and other guest speakers / leaders..

How long is the service?

A service usually lasts for about an hour and includes hymns, worship songs, bible readings and a talk or several short talks. A collection or offering is taken and there is no requirement or expectation to put any money in unless you want to. Where bibles or service books are used page numbers are announced so that you can easily follow. Although we stand for most hymns you may sit when you like during the service.  

We love family and Children of all ages are most welcome and are encouraged to colour and draw during the service as well as taking part in answering questions and taking part in dramas etc ( we hold a special children service on the first Sunday of each month ) 

Toilets can be found just outside the main Hall and there are ample signs to indicate where they are situated. 

After the service?
Refreshments are available after the service in the church hall and is a great time to get to know people