Andy & Debbie Melvin

Andy & Debbie Melvin



I’m married to Debbie and as well as two children (see Debbie’s stuff below) we have a dog called Kipper who a Jack Russell Terrier, who even has his own Instagram page! I became a Christian at 15 after my sister dragged me along to the local church youth group. I have been a Church Leader now for over twenty years, I am also National Director for a local charity called PARCHE which helps connect elderly people in care homes with their local churches. Debbie and I love to work together to help people come to, and then grow in faith in Jesus Christ. I can often be heard saying in church ‘So what!’  which usually refers to what we say and believe in and about Jesus being relevant to our everyday lives. For me the Bible is a life application manual and I love seeing it come alive in our everyday lives.

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I’ve been married to Andy for 33 years and we have two children, Beth (21) and Toby (19).  I became a Christian when I was a teenager through a camp I attended which was arranged by my senior school RE teacher.  Interestingly, this was held not far from here in Robertsbridge.  I am employed part-time as one of two Retail Sales Manager's at the Eastbourne Christian Resource Centre where I can be found most afternoons apart from Wednesdays.  My passion is to see people come to faith helping them to live this out in their ordinary, everyday lives, wherever they are.  I love watching football and am an MK Dons and Eastbourne Borough fan. 

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I’ve been married to Elizabeth for 15 years and we have three children together, Jack (13) and Harry (10) and Tommy (7).  All of my Children have either been or are attending the Haven School and I love being a member of the Haven, a Church in a school, A school in a Church , especially a school that is so special to my family.

I work as a management Consultant and I am currently learning Theology and Church leadership at Spurgeons college . I am very enthusiastic to help serve our church and community in any and every way I can .

I'm passionate about our youth and love helping lead our Sunday club every other Sunday as well as leading and teaching regularly in our main service.

If you have any feedback or ideas that can help the Haven or how we can spread the good news of the Gospel within Eastbourne then please do drop me an email below .

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The Haven Church sits within the Methodist Church governing body which is called the Methodist Connexion.  Under the Connexion is the District, Circuit then local Church.  Each local church (ie The Haven) has what is called the Church Council who are members of the church who are Trustees with overall responsibility to see that the Church is working within its constitution and who represent the views of the membership to the Leadership team.  The leadership team is usually made up of Stewards, normally with a senior steward and then other stewards.  They are concerned with the day to day running of the church. 

The haven has two stewards, Debbie Melvin & David Knight


The Church Council

Sue Mottershead (treasurer) Richard Evans (safeguarding officer ) Andrew Lees, Sharon Cestari